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Allpro Parking Receives Outstanding Employee Culture Award

March 23, 2012

Allpro Parking is the proud recipient of the Outstanding Employee Culture Award as a part of the Buffalo Niagara Human Resource Association’s 2012 HR Excellence Awards.

The Outstanding Employee Culture award recognizes an organization that demonstrates measurable success in creating positive employee culture. This organization has a strong organizational identity and translates their expectation to internal employee and organization behaviors. The award recognizes a company who respects the previous culture and helps shape the new culture, understands and applies proven tools of organization change, coaches managers on how their actions reflect and drive culture; weaves that culture in HR practices and processes and makes the culture tangible for all employees, shapes enacts, and personalizes culture and facilitates change.

Allpro Parking was nominated by The Alcott Group; Allpro’s outsourced HR Partner. “Most of us don’t think about parking that much, if at all. As HR professionals one would probably not give a second though to this organization as being a nominee for the Outstanding Culture award. However, if one has ever had the privilege to park in an Allpro Parking lot they will realize very quickly that there is something different about this organization,” said Holly Nowak, HR Manager. “Just as they place a high priority on their customer’s experience through the ‘Allpro C.A.R.E.S.’ program, they do the same for their employees. Allpro takes the ‘business of HR’ seriously and understands how a happy employee impacts their delivery of service. Allpro Parking’s outstanding culture is evident in all areas and levels of their business. Allpro’s commitment to the Buffalo community and to causes that impact their employees is impressive. Their commitment to their culture is genuine. They nurture their culture and they deserve to be recognized for what they intrinsically practice.”

Allpro Parking is honored to receive this award and we thank of all our employees who made it happen.


Promotions At Allpro Parking

March 21, 2012

Allpro Parking recently promoted three individuals within three different departments of Allpro Parking.

Alan Kraemer, promoted to Vice President of Allpro Parking For Healthcare (read full article here)

Lisa Bugenhagen, promoted to Controller in the Accounting Department (read full article here)

Christopher Hart, promoted to Operations Manager in Rochester, NY (read full article here)

Happy Anniversary to Ahuja Medical Center!

January 31, 2012

Allpro Parking For Healthcare (APH) began operations Ahuja Medical Center on January 31, 2011; our first official location under the APH division. On our first day, Allpro parked four cars and broke the record the next day with nine! Since then, Allpro has parked 21,000 cars.

Here’s to our team at Ahuja and to many more parked cars!

Business First Feature

October 17, 2011

In our latest Press Release we announced our new contract in Columbus, The Business First Columbus, had the same idea. Click here to read full story

Brief History Lesson of Parking

September 29, 2011

A recent Ithaca customer asked about the first-ever parking garage and it got us thinking. Allpro Parking, now 11 years old, is just a baby in the grand picture of parking. Here are some fun parking facts for your reading pleasure:

The National Building Museum’s “House of Cars” Exhibit states the first garage was built in 1907 in Washington, DC. The Dupont Garage, on the north side of the 2000 block of M Street NW in Washington, D.C., served area residents and was known as the “neighborhood garage.” Its detailed stone and brick façade blended well with the cityscape. (1)

According to, there were 23 million cars on American roads by 1929, which began the quest for parking solutions. To date, there are an estimated 735 million cars. (2)

In some cities, garages specified floors as “women-only” stemmed from the perception that woman wouldn’t feel safe unless in an underground garage (ex. for example The St. Paul Garage in Baltimore in 1930). (3)

Allpro Fun Fact: Allpro Parking’s first garage facility was in August 2000 at Lot #004 Key Center located at 50 Fountain Plaza Buffalo NY 14202.

Cars. We imagine them always in motion, but they spend most of their time at rest.” – Sarah A. Leavitt, Ph.D.


New Parking Operations at Ralph Wilson Stadium

August 31, 2011

Last Saturday marked the Buffalo Bills first preseason home game of the 2011 season – as well as the new parking operations at the stadium.

“One car, one space” was introduced at Lots 2 and 3 to avoid conflict between pedestrians and vehicles and improve traffic flow.

“Once we fill a row, that’s it. Tailgaters then have the freedom to move around without having to worry about vehicles coming back down that aisle,” said Rick Serra, CEO of Allpro Parking. “Also, late comers will be able to park with ease without having to interrupt any ongoing tailgating.”

Ralph Wilson Stadium is not the first large entertainment venue to implement this style of parking operation; Gillette Stadium in New England, McAfee Coliseum in Oakland, Darien Lake Theme Park, among many others.

Allpro Parking, LLC has managed the Parking facilities at Ralph Wilson Stadium for the Buffalo Bills for the past seven (7) seasons. We look forward to the continued cooperation of Buffalo Bills fans and for a successful 2011 season!

Are You Ready For Some Football?

August 22, 2011

Football season is in full-effect which means good news for football and good news for Allpro! Allpro Parking operates the parking facilities for the Buffalo Bills games at Ralph Wilson Stadium as well as the training camp at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. Cincinnati Bengals fans can park at Allpro’s Dumbo Lot at the corner of Broadway and Pete Rose Way.

Take a look at some of our Buffalo Employee Football Training Photos from the 2011 season!